The SoundBox Collection

Housed at UBC Okanagan and loved by the Audio Media Poetry (AMP) Lab.

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The SoundBox collection contains literary audio that represents important UBC and Canadian cultural heritage. In particular, the poetics conversations recorded between the 1960s and late 1980s reveal much about the gendered division of labour in artistic communities, the custodianship of community history, and the practices of dialogue and critique that subtend the production of literature at UBC, in Vancouver, and in the wider arts community in Canada and the U.S. Other literary audio genres in the collection include the poetry reading, interview, literary lecture, speech, and recital.

UBC Okanagan is a member of the SpokenWeb partnership. SpokenWeb is a SSHRC-funded partnership grant. All material that appears on this website is used for the purposes of academic research and critical study.

L-R: Gladys Hindmarch, Fred Wah, Meredith and Peter Quartermain, Daphne Marlatt, Sharon Thesen.

Sonic Spotlight

  • “Chrysanthemum Perfume”

    “Chrysanthemum Perfume” from The Beginning of the Long Dash

    Listen to recording

    A black cassette tape with a white label at the bottom. In handwriting reads, "November 14, 86', 205 Sharon Thesen."
  • On Sharon Thesen’s Reading at the Bowerings’

    Karis Shearer talks with George Bowering with contributions from Jean Baird about the Sharon Thesen’s reading and launch of Artemis Hates Romance at George and Angela Bowerings’ house in the early 1980s. Their conversation touches on other readings and literary events at the Bowerings’, a social hub for writers living in and visiting Vancouver.

    Listen to recording

    A semi-transparent cassette tape. The label, in handwriting reads, "Sharon Thesen's Reading at Bowerings."