The SoundBox Collection

Housed at the University of British Columbia Okanagan and loved by the Audio Media Poetry Lab

The Collection

The SoundBox collection contains literary audio that represents important UBC and Canadian cultural heritage. In particular, the poetics conversations recorded between the 1960s and late 1980s reveal much about the gendered division of labour in artistic communities, the custodianship of community history, and the practices of dialogue and critique that subtend the production of literature at UBC, in Vancouver, and in the wider arts community in Canada and the U.S. Other literary audio genres in the collection include the poetry reading, interview, literary lecture, speech, and recital.

Featured Writers

Sharon Thesen was born in Tisdale, Saskatchewan. She spent spent most of her early years in Kamloops and Prince George, eventually moving to Vancouver to study and teach. In 2005 she joined UBC Okanagan where she is now Professor Emerita. Thesen is the author of 11 books of poetry including a number of chapbooks. Her books have been finalists for a number of prestigious awards including the Governor-General’s Award and the Dorothy Livesay Prize; her book of poems A Pair of Scissors won the Pat Lowther Memorial Award. She currently lives in Lake Country, BC.

Sharon Thesen

Sharon Thesen reads "Chrysanthemum Perfume," UBC Vancouver, 1987.

Warren Tallman (1921-1994) was born in Seattle, WA. From 1954 until his retirement in 1987, he taught in the Department of English at UBC (Vancouver) were he taught modern American poetry and mentored many emerging writers. He is the author of In the Midst (1992) and co-editor of The New American Poetics.

Warren Tallman

Warren Tallman reads Whitman's "Crossing Brooklyn Ferry," circa 1966.

Gladys Hindmarch was born in 1940 in Ladysmith, B.C. The author of four books, including Wanting Everything: The Collected Works of Gladys Hindmarch (2020), Hindmarch was a core member of the TISH community in its first phase (1961-63) and an editor in its second phase. Her experimental feminist prose emerges from a proprioceptive tradition. Hindmarch lives in Vancouver.

Gladys Hindmarch

From "West Coast with Stan and Gladys," in which Hindmarch talks with Warren Tallman about the UBC writers' workshop, Vancouver 1969.

George Bowering (1935-) was born in Penticton, B.C. and grew up in Oliver. At UBC, Bowering was one of the founding editors of TISH. Bowering is a prolific poet, novelist, essayist, and critic, who has written over 80 books and 35 chapbooks to date. Some of his honours include the Governor General’s Award in both poetry (1969) and fiction (1980), and the Order of Canada (2002). Bowering lives in Vancouver.

George Bowering

George Bowering introduces Sheila Watson

Daphne Marlatt (1942-) grew up in Penang, Malaysia before immigrating to Canada in the 1950s. While studying at UBC in the 1960s, Marlatt was one of the editors during the second-phase of TISH. Marlatt has written over twenty collections of poetry and prose including Steveston (1974), The Given (2008), and Reading Sveva (2016). In 2006 she received the Order of Canada. Marlatt lives in Vancouver.

Daphne Marlatt

Daphne Marlatt reads "4 Parts of Morning for 714" in Vancouver, July 1969.

bill bissett (1939-) was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia. bissett is a sound, visual, and performance poet, well known for his unique orthography and performance of his sound poetry. bissett’s performances often incorporate sound effects, chanting, dancing, and sometimes playing a maraca. The themes of bissett’s poetry encompasses a wide range that is explored through the use of humour, sentimentality, and political commentary. bissett’s most recent poetry book, breth, combines both new and selected poems.

bill bissett

bill bissett reads from an unpublished poem circa 1966

Robert Hogg (1942-) was born in Edmonton, AB, and grew up in Cariboo and Fraser Valley, BC. Hogg graduated from UBC with a BA in English and Creative Writing. During his time at UBC, Hogg became affiliated as a poet and co-editor a part of TISH. In 1964, Hogg hitchhiked to Toronto and visited Buffalo NY, where Charles Olson had been teaching at the time. At SUNY at Buffalo, he completed a Ph.D. on the works of Charles Olson. Shortly after, Hogg taught American and Canadian poetry at Carleton University for the following thirty-eight years. Hogg currently lives at his farm located in Ottawa.

Robert Hogg

Robert Hogg reads at Black Sheep Books, Vancouver, 1995

Roy Kenzie Kiyooka (1926-1994) was a painter, writer, photographer, and educator born in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. He participated in the Emma Lake Workshops (1957-1960) with Barnett Newman, Clement Greenberg, and Will Barnett before moving to Vancouver in 1959, where he had an important impact on the arts scene.  From 1971-72 he taught at the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design, from 1965-70 at Sir George Williams (now Concordia) University, and finally at The University of British Columbia. His poetry collections include Kyoto Airs (1964), Nevertheless These Eyes (1967), StoneDGloves (1970), Transcanada Letters (1975), The Fontainbleau Dream Machine (1977), and The Pear Tree Pomes (1987). Kiyooka was awarded the Order of Canada in 1978.

Roy Kiyooka

Roy Kiyooka reads "At Yorktown" and "Merce of Egypt" at the Charles Olson memorial at St. Anselm's church, Vancouver, 1971.

Complete SoundBox Writer List

*The collection is currently being processed
Allen Ginsberg
Angela Bowering
Anne Waldman
Basil Bunting
bill bissett
Brian Fawcett
Brian Henderson
Catherine Bennett
Catriona Strang
Charles Olson
Daphne Marlatt
Doug Walker
Earle Birney
Ebbe Borregaard
Ed Dorn
Eudora Welty
Ezra Pound
Fielding Dawson
Frank Davey
Gary Snyder
George Bowering
George Johnston
Gerry Gilbert
Gladys Hindmarch
J. Langland
J.H. Prynne
Jaap Blonk
Jack Kerouac
Jack Spicer
Jacqueline Larson
Jamie Reid
Jim Brown
Joanna Kyger
Jodey Castricano
John Berryman
John Hulcoop
Jon Fulberg
Judith Copithorne
Kathy Slade
Kenneth Rexworth
Lawrence Ferlinghetti
Leonard Cohen
Lew Welch
Lionel Kearns
Louis Dudek
Margaret Atwood
Margaret Avison
Marianne Moore
Mark Cacchioni
Maxine Gadd
Miriam Nichols
Norman Nawrocki
Peggy Kelley
Peter Quartermain
Ralph Maud
Randall Jarrell
Richard Sommer
Robert Creeley
Robert Duncan
Robert Frost
Robert Fulford
Robert Hogg
Robert Lowell
Robert Priest
Robin Blaser
Robinson Jeffers
Roger Field
Ron Loewinsohn
Roy Cartlidge
Roy Kiyooka
Roy Miki
Scott Lawrence
Sharon Thesen
Sheila Watson
Stan Persky
Steve McCaffrey
Sylvia Plath
T.S. Eliot