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A black-and-white portrait of Gladys Hindmarch. Gladys sits on a chair by a large window that casts a glow across the right side of her.
Gladys Hindmarch.
A black-and-white closeup portrait of Daphne Marlatt smiling softly.
Daphne Marlatt. Photo credit: John Reeves.
A black and white portrait of bill bissett smiling candidly.
bill bissett. Photo by Alan Twigg.
A portrait of Roy Kiyooka reading "The Enigma of Arrival" by V. S. Naipaul. Roy wears a bird beak mask just atop his nose.
Roy Kiyooka.
In black and white, Meredith Quartermain and Peter Quartermain stand together against the backdrop of a mountain range. They look up and off into the landscape before them which we cannot see.
Meredith Quartermain and Peter Quartermain, 1976
A black-and-white portrait of Robert Hogg. Robert is captured in motion writing at a table in front of him.
“Vancouver 1964. My flat at 4th and Burrard, with stubby beer, clipboard, & trusty Halda typewriter which I still have—just before hitchhiking east to TO, Buffalo, and NYC.”

How to use this website

This website serves as an introduction point to the recordings and remediations associated with the SoundBox collection. The metadata of the collection will be publicly accessible through Swallow, a metadata ingest system a part of the SpokenWeb network.

Explore the SoundBox collection fonds as well as our curation of speakers and events.


The fonds of the SoundBox collection are organized by donor. The collection is indebted to the community and the many hands and voices that went into the creation and curation of the recordings donated. The fonds represent often intimate collections that have been thoughtfully curated and cared for by their donor, who we are thankful for in their sharing with the UBC Okanagan SpokenWeb team for further preservation and remediation.

  • A cassette tape. On the label, in handwriting reads "1. Er/Words/Ah (10 minutes), 2. The heart of the matter, and 3. Face-off / Mise Au Jeu (12 minutes)."

    Daphne Marlatt fonds

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  • A semi-transparent cassette tape. The label, in handwriting reads, "Sharon Thesen's Reading at Bowerings."

    Sharon Thesen fonds

    Subjects include: Phyllis Webb, John Newlove, George Bowering, Angela Bowering and Robin Blaser.

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  • A black cassette tape with a beige label. In handwriting reads, "Daphne's 2d (205) ... Friday, October 24, 86."

    Warren Tallman fonds

    Subjects include: Robert Creeley, Ezra Pound, Charles Olson, Brian Henderson, Jacqueline Larson, Jodey Castricano, bpNichol, Robin Blaser, Steve McCaffery, Eudora Welty, Sharon Thesen, Frank Davey, George Bowering, Daphne Marlatt and Fred Wah, among others.

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  • A reel-to-reel magnetic recording case. In handwriting reads, "Robert Duncan. Poetry reading. October 9th, 1979." The case features a large circular pattern of circles ranging from indigo to orange.

    Robert Hogg fonds

    Subjects include: Peggy Kelley, Gregg Morgan, Robert Manery, Robert Duncan, J.H. Prynne, Leonard Cohen (home recording of Cohen’s studio album), Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Paul Kennedy, Robert Fulford, Ezra Pound, T.S Eliot, Robinson Jeffers, W.H. Auden, Robert Lowell, Sylvia Plath, William Carlos Williams, Marianne Moore, John Berryman, Randall Jarrell, Margaret Atwood, Jack Kerouac, Robert Priest and Ron Charach.

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  • A reel-to-reel magnetic tape case. The cover reads, "Magnetic Recording Tape," is overlaid diagonally across the beige cover.

    Fred Wah fonds

    Subjects include: Warren Tallman, Ellen Tallman, Fred Wah, Pauline Butling, Margaret Avison, Gladys (Maria) Hindmarch, Robert Duncan, Charles Olson, Ken Tallman, Allen Ginsburg, Ed Dorn, Daphne Marlatt, Robin Blaser, Jack Clarke, Stan Persky, Laurens Van der Post, Ralph Maud, John Wieners, Jack Spicer, Thomas Parkinson, Robert Creeley, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Gael Turnbull, Louis Zukofsky, Witter Bynner, George Stanley, Ezra Pound, T. S. Eliot, Gerry Gilbert, Edward Marshall, Field Dawson, Gary Snyder, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Cid Corman, Michael McClure, George Butterick, Ron Loewinsohn, Joanne Kyger, Lew Welch, Kurt Schwitter, Jim Boyack, Robin Eichele, Victor Coleman, Robert Hogg, Steve Rodefer, David Franks, Kenneth…

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  • A reel-to-reel magnetic recording tape case. The left reads, "Sony. Professional recording tape, PR-150. Capture the strength and delicacy of every sound." The right features an outline of a reel-to-reel.

    Frank Davey fonds

    Subjects include:  Robert Creeley, Charles Olson, bpNichol, Daphne Marlatt, Anne Waldman, Frank Davey, Robert Duncan, Jack Spicer, Earle Birney, Robin Mathews, Victor Coleman, Allen Ginsberg, Basil Bunting, Charles Olson, Judith Fitzgerald, George Bowering, Warren Tallman, Al Purdy, George Young, Jim Andrews.

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  • A cassette tape with a black and white label. In the section labelled "Subject," in handwriting reads, "Warren, Roy, Moon, etc."

    George Bowering fonds

    Subjects include: Angela Bowering, Thea Bowering, Warren Tallman, Louis Dudek, Sheila Watson, Wyndham Lewis, Sharon Thesen, Robin Blaser, Gerry Gilbert, and Roy Kiyooka (as well as others in the recording collage who are unidentified).

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  • A lime green cassette. The title reads, "Fel Santos & Listening Center." Below reads, "Aklopolis."

    Peter Quartermain fonds

    Due to the sheer volume of this collection, subjects are many. They include: Basil Bunting, Gertrude Stein, T.S. Eliot, Susan Howe, Steve McCaffery, Lyn Hejinian, William Carlos Williams, Charles Olson, Robert Duncan, Louis Zukofsky, Kathleen Fraser, Joan Retallack, Beverley Dahlen, Rachel Blau Du Plessis, Rae Armantrout, Susan Gevirtz, Rosemarie Waldrop, Robin Blaser, Jerome McGann, Marjorie Perloff, Nathaniel Mackey, Joseph Conte, Jenny Penberthy, Ezra Pound, P.G. Wodehouse, Meredith Quartermain, Daphne Marlatt, Don Byrd, John “Jack” Clarke, Burton Hatlen, Gael Turnbull, Judith Draycott, Bruce Andrews, George Bowering, Miriam Nichols, Douglas Oliver, Tom Raworth, Geraldine Monk, Nicole Brossard, Diane Ward, Myung Mi Kim,…

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The collection is indebted to community and the many hands and voices that went into the creation and curation of the recordings donated. While the speakers here and within their respective pages are organized in such a way that suggests isolation from one another, this by no means reflects the nature of the collection. The collection is highly networked and collaborative, through visible and often invisible labour produced by marginalized members reflected or not reflected in the collection.

Jean Baird

Earle Birney

bill bissett

Robin Blaser

Angela Bowering

George Bowering

Thea Bowering

Basil Bunting

Pauline Butling

Jodey Castricano

Judith Copithorne

Robert Creeley

Frank Davey

Robert Duncan

Maxine Gadd

Lionel Kearns

Roy Kiyooka

Joanne Kyger


The collection is still being processed. Recordings of events, containing multiple speakers, will eventually be shared here and tagged as “events.”