Frank Davey

Frank Davey (1940– ) is an Abbotsford-raised poet and essayist who has been an editor, small magazine publisher, literary critic, and cultural critic in Canada since 1961. He co-founded the poetry newsletter Tish and from 1965-2013 was editor of Open Letter, the Canadian journal of writing and theory. In 1984 he and Fred Wah co-founded SwiftCurrent, the world’s first on-line literary magazine, which ran until 1990. Davey is the author of numerous poetry books, including Weeds (1970), King of Swords (1972), and The Abbotsford Guide to India (1986) and such critical works as Five Readings of Olson’s Maximus (1970), Earle Birney (1971) and Canadian Literary Power (1994).


A reel-to-reel magnetic tape case from "Sony." The left half of the case is black while the right side is deep red. On the left side reads "Sony: Professional recording tape. PR-150." Surrounding the text in an arch reads "Capture the strength and delicacy of every sound." To the right, atop a red background, a cream outline of a reel-to-reel takes up most of the area.


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