Robert Hogg

Robert Hogg (1942-2022) was born in Edmonton, AB, and grew up in Cariboo and Fraser Valley, BC. Hogg graduated from UBC with a BA in English and Creative Writing. During his time at UBC, Hogg became affiliated as a poet and co-editor a part of TISH. In 1964, Hogg hitchhiked to Toronto and visited Buffalo NY, where Charles Olson had been teaching at the time. At SUNY at Buffalo, he completed a Ph.D. on the works of Charles Olson. Shortly after, Hogg taught American and Canadian poetry at Carleton University for the following thirty-eight years and kept a farm near Ottawa.

A black-and-white portrait of Robert Hogg. Robert is captured in motion writing at a table in front of him.
“Vancouver 1964. My flat at 4th and Burrard, with stubby beer, clipboard, & trusty Halda typewriter which I still have—just before hitchhiking east to TO, Buffalo, and NYC.”


Robert Hogg reads at Black Sheep Books, Vancouver, 1995.



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