Sharon Thesen fonds

Sharon Thesen is a Canadian-born and B.C.-raised poet. She has studied and taught poetry in Vancouver, as well as working as a professor of Creative Writing at UBC’s Okanagan campus in Kelowna. As the smallest fonds in the Soundbox Collection, the Sharon Thesen fonds is made up of only two cassette tapes. These cassettes contain a home recording of Sharon Thesen reading from her book, Artemis Hates Romance (1980), at George and Angela Bowering’s house in 1980, and two interviews of Sharon Thesen discussing both her work and the Vancouver poetry scene of the 1980s. This fonds is valuable not only for the content it provides, including other notable poets George Bowering and Robin Blaser, but also for its size. How do different poets archive themselves, and why?

Subjects include: Phyllis Webb, John Newlove, George Bowering, Angela Bowering and Robin Blaser.

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