Robert Hogg

A black-and-white portrait of Robert Hogg. Robert is captured in motion writing at a table in front of him.
Vancouver 1964. My flat at 4th and Burrard, with stubby beer, clipboard, & trusty Halda typewriter wch I still have—just before hitchhiking east to TO, Buffalo, and NYC.




Robert Hogg fonds

Between 1963 and 2003, Canadian poet and professor Robert Hogg made sound and video recordings pertaining to his life as a poet, teacher, and researcher. His fonds is made up of 34 cassette tapes, 6 reel-to-reels, and 2 video recordings, most of which showcase readings and interviews of himself and his contemporaries. Hogg was a co-editor and affiliated poet of TISH newsletter. He traveled to different areas of Canada and the United States to take part in poetry events and debates that showcase the dynamic changes in the poetry scenes at the time.

Hogg’s collection is unique in that it contains items one would expect to find (such as Robert Hogg reading his work There is No Falling at various events in Vancouver), but also houses reflexive items such as poets discussing the creation of their own literary archives as an aspect of their creative work. Hogg’s recordings span across 40 years and contextualize both his PhD research (a study on the works of Charles Olson) and his collaborations with other members of TISH, making these recordings a valuable resource documenting both the Canadian poetry movement and the poets themselves.