George Bowering

George Bowering (1935-) was born in Penticton, B.C. and grew up in Oliver. At UBC, Bowering was one of the founding editors of TISH. Bowering is a prolific poet, novelist, essayist, and critic, who has written over 80 books and 35 chapbooks to date. Some of his honours include the Governor General’s Award in both poetry (1969) and fiction (1980), and the Order of Canada (2002). Bowering lives in Vancouver.


  • George Bowering introduces Sheila Watson.

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  • Bowering Party Readings Aug 16, 1986

    The tape consists of an amateur home recording of a private reading among poets and friends hosted by George and Angela Bowering on August 16, 1986. Guest readers include Sharon Thesen and Robin Blaser. Other poets are unconfirmed. “Bowering Party Reading (incomplete)” from George Bowering fonds.

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  • “A Celebration of the Works of George Bowering”

    Citation: “A Celebration of the Works of George Bowering.” 22 September, 2022. UBC Okanagan, Special Collections.

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