Episode 4: Is Robin Here?

April 22nd, 2020 | 38:11 | S1:E4 | Download: mp3, transcript | Simplecast


"Is Robin here?" On this episode, we ask what we can "know" about the dynamics of a space through listening. We listen to the "Charles Olson Memorial" recording and talk about mourning, spontaneity, relationships, authority, and poetry recitation.

Host Karis Shearer is joined by curator Amy Thiessen and special guests Hannah McGregor and Emily Murphy. Together they discuss Warren Tallman's introduction to the "Charles Olson Memorial Reading"  recorded at St. Anselm's Church (Vancouver) March 14, 1970 on the occasion of a memorial reading for American poet Charles Olson. Their conversation touches on mourning, levity, spontaneity, religiosity, relationality, poetry, and pedagogy.  Listen to find out if "Robin" is here. Episode 4 was co-produced by Karis Shearer and Nour Sallam.


Karis Shearer is Associate Professor of English & Cultural Studies and the Director of the AMP Lab. With Deanna Fong, she recently co-edited Wanting Everything: The Collected Works of Gladys Hindmarch (Talonbooks 2020).

Amy Thiessen is an Honours English student at UBCO where she is working on a digital edition of Sharon Thesen's poem "The Fire." She is a writer, an RA and project manager for the UBCO SpokenWeb project and an aspiring teacher.

Emily Murphy is Assistant Professor of Digital Humanities at UBCO's Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies. She is also Assistant Director of UBCO's AMP Lab. She researches technology and cultural memory. 

Hannah McGregor is an Assistant Professor in Publishing at SFU where her research focuses on podcasting as scholarly communication, systemic barriers to access in the Canadian publishing industry, and the history of middlebrow periodicals. She  also hosts a number of podcasts including Secret Feminist Agenda and the SpokenWeb Podcast. 


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Due to COVID-19, both the Tech Talk Series and the Inaugural Sharon Thesen Lecture by John Lent mentioned at the end of this episode were unfortunately cancelled or postponed. SHOW CONTRIBUTORS Emily Murphy Nour Sallam Amy Thiessen Karis Shearer Hannah McGregor